Sunday, May 4, 2008

How did you improve your Web site this week?

Many people think that designing a Web site is a point in time activity. Sure, content may be added over time, but it gets added to the same Web site structure, same design, same labels. But if your organizational priorities have changed, if your clients needs are shifting, or if your content has grown or changed, then your Web site needs to change to reflect that too.

- What are clients looking for and not finding on your Web site?
- What search terms bring clients to your site?
- What messages do you need to push to your stakeholders?
- Which sections of your Web site have grown the most in the past year?
- Which content is visited most often? Least often?
- Which links are used on the home page? Which ones are not?
- Are you creating content that is of no value to your clients?

To answer these questions and more, you should have a defined research framework in place to guide your site. Contact us to learn more about developing and implementing a research framework for your Web site.

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